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Thorough Home Inspections providing you with the informed confidence to move forward on your most important Investment






Licensed & Insured

Call us any time day or night and we will set up the earliest date possible for your inspection. In cases of extreme urgency we have the ability to work on holidays, nights and everywhere in between.

We will walk you through the entire inspection and take our time to give you a true understanding of the condition of the home INCLUDING instruction of how to keep it working like a well oiled machine for years to come

An inspection by us will not only leave you fully informed at the time of the inspection but a written report will be downloadable within 24 hours.

The State of New Jersey requires a home inspector to be fully licensed in NJ and fully insured. No inspection is valid without these credentials.

Who we are

Bulldog Home Inspections of New Jersey

is a father and son team dedicated to giving you our absolute best in service to inform you to the fullest depths of the home's condition. With over 25 years of experience as a construction engineer on the one end and an unmatched energy for satisfying every client on the other end this has become our passion. We don't just inspect, we educate, we advise, we give you what you need to make this decision with confidence so that you can indulge a bit in the excitement of a new home that we should all experience at least once.


Our Promise to You

We understand the gravity and personal investment of a home purchase and want to leave you confident and informed so that you can make what is likely one of the most important decisions in this life. We vow to give you our fullest attention and provide you with a clear and thorough view of the home you may come to enjoy for many years to come.

Our knowledge and experience are at your command.

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