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Common Questions for Homebuyers

  • How much time should I schedule for the inspection?
    Most inspections can be completed within 2 to 4 hours depending on the size of the home and the various included equipment. We do however schedule for 6 hours in order to provide time to review all findings with the client. There should be time following the inspection for you to ask whatever questions that you need to help you make an informed and more comfortable decision. We will go over any issues as well as inform you of features which may be unfamiliar to you. We will discuss proper maintenance and care for the home and its components. And we will offer any advice we can on improvements to make this potential investment an experience to bring you joy for years to come.
  • Will I receive advice on the purchase of the home?
    Home inspectors are not permitted to advise on whether or not you should make the purchase. However, there is no better tool in making such a decision than knowledge. If you look at the home and understand where it shines and where it needs attention and further, have a clear understanding of what it will take to meet your needs then the fog lifts and your decision becomes easier. Only you can say what you are willing to put into a home. Only you understand your needs and those of your loved ones. It is our job to lift the fog so that you can do just that. It is our vow to give all of our attention to providing that crystal clear picture for you.
  • What happens if there is a major issue with the home?
    It is very rare that an issue is so great as to disway the purchase of the home. That said, there are issues now and then. We will give you a clear picture of the nature of any problems and help you to understand what is required for a suitable remedy. We will make recommendations in extreme cases for any required specialists that we feel may assist you. As a construction engineer for over 25 years I have intimate knowledge of how a home works, how it needs to be treated and is such cases, what is required for repairs. While I am not permitted, as your home inspector, to offer services toward that end I will certainly arm you with the knowledge to resolve any issue directly and with minimum cost.
  • How much does a home inspection cost?
    The cost of a home inspection varies depending mostly on the size of the home and included equipment. You can see a general list based on the "standard" home here.
  • When should the home inspection be performed?
    You should not schedule a home inspection until you have reasonable confidence that you wish to purchase the home. Make sure that it works for you and your loved ones in every respect (location, schools, taxes, etc.). Once you know you want the home it is time to make sure of your investment with an inspection by a licensed home inspector. You should speak with your realtor such that the purchase of the home will be contingient upon the inspection results. The report provided to you could very well provide you with better negotiating abilities.
  • What happens if the inspection fails?
    Home inspections are not based on a pass/fail system. The home inspector will make you aware of any issues as well as features of the home. Time is allotted to explain the nature of all aspects so that you can make an informed descision. We will spend the time to help you understand the condition of the home. Everything discussed will go into the report so that you have it at your disposal. You can take your time, review and even call us to discuss. We understand how much there is to digest and we make ourselves available to help you. With the knowledge that we provide you are much better equipped to make this decision. This is our passion and this is our goal.
  • How do I reach the inspector after the inspection?
    We will provide you with a cellular number to call or text. In most cases we will be able to help you at first call. However, if the inspector is on another inspection he will not respond until after. This is our policy so as to give every client the dedicated time that they need with no interruptions. The inspector will schedule a time to talk on the same day. In most cases your wait will be only the duration of one inspection.
  • How do I know if a Home Inspector is legitimate?
    The State of New Jersey requires that a Home Inspector be fully licensed in order to perform ANY inspections. No license is issued to any person that does not FIRST have full insurance secured. Further, all lisencees can be viewed using their license number at the following site:
  • What should I expect to happen during the inspection?
    Every inspections begins with the Pre-Inspection Agreement, a document required by law to insure that both parties understand their obligations and what to expect during the inspection. This one-page document will be explained in full and there will be plenty of time allotted for questions. The client will then be invited to join the inspection and encouraged to ask questions. All aspects of the home will be visually inspected provided they are safely accessible. We will wrap up with a post-inspection review where again, questions are encouraged.
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