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      We are a father and son team, Chris and Gabriel. I spent 27 years in the construction industry as an inspector, engineer and manager. As an inspector in my earlier years I loved the industry. I formed very special relationships with the workers and quickly developed a sort of x-ray vision for all materials and building components. Many of my projects were small residential portions and housing. It gave me a thirst to understand everything about a home. I tore down my first house and built it back up with Gabriel, then only a child, and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Later during the more managerial part of my career I found myself missing the hands-on aspect and became envious of the inspectors working under me. I wanted to return to what I loved. At the behest of my now college undergrad son I completed all requirements for certification and licensing for Home Inspectors. The courses were a breeze for someone with my background, and during the field training I found myself indulging the clients in all respects without a thought of the "end of my day". Educating people solely for the purpose of giving them confidence and real knowledge has been a calling. I am the one you will speak with should you have the odd question even long after the inspection is done. You can ask me anything about a home and you will not be left to feel uninformed or rushed. I enjoy being at your disposal.


Home Inspections

Our Quality Guarantee

Bulldog Home Inspections of New Jersey will spare no effort in providing you with the utmost in professionalism and know how. We will strive to make you well informed of the property in every respect. We will take the time needed to help you toward a confident decision. This endeavor, being for most the greatest investment in this life is not taken lightly by us. We want to arm you with the clearest picture possible of the home you may come to enjoy for many years so that your decision is not based on questions but rather on answers.

Our knowledge and experience are at your command.

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Gabriel Wagner


Chris Wagner

Home Inspector

LIC No. 24GI00194100

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Abigail Wagner

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Isabella Wagner


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